Terms and conditions

FTG Filing is a Product of Melete Hub Private Limited.

CIN - U74910WB2019PTC232113

Terms and conditions

The online service agreement that we extend is a contract between the Melete Hub Private Limited. Hence, it has its governance on your usage of any of the following mentioned:

ü  The filing of income tax

ü  Tax planning

ü  Query on tax filing and scrutinizes

ü  Any other services from our end

When you click on the tick box and accepting the terms conditions, you end up abiding by the rules which are mentioned in the pointers below. One necessarily needs to give consent to the agreement of the terms and conditions.

·        Licensed usage: As subjected to all the terms and conditions here, after the payment of the fees, the client gets the right to have access and use the products and the services which are extended from our end. But the services can only be put to use by the clients in a manner that is vividly made clear in the agreement as per the fees paid by the individual. If you are caught using the services for others, then you can only be able if you are givens such rights.

·        Restrictions:  There are few restraints on the use of the services or the products which are extended from our end.  The products or the services extended from our end is only entitles to the client and cannot be used by any other person. One cannot be allowed to duplicate and offer products to others for any benefit of the third party. The products or the services can only be used as per the agreement. 

·        Property rights: During your continuation of using the products or the services of the company, there can be unforeseen circumstances coming across the ways.

·        Liability and damage restrain: Three is no case in which service providers can be liable to you. Except for the permissions granted the entire liability cannot exceed. In any case, the company cannot be liable to you.

·        Agreement to electronic communication: One necessarily needs to agree to the electronic way of communication so that the important files can be sent over mail or SMS.

·        Payments: In this section, you agree to the fact that we are not at all in charge of any loss or damage that takes place as a consequence in the future. There is no requirement of providing any sort of paper to specify the same as done in this section. And this is to be necessarily abided by the client.

·        Resolution of issues:  In this section, the client agrees to the fact that the ultimate resolution of the issues that might arise between us is under the jurisdiction of the courts located in Mumbai.

·        Security: In this section, the clients accept to actively take precautions and protect the ID and password associated with the services or the products which are being enjoyed by the client. It is completely the responsibility of the client to have a watchful eye and secure the user ID, password, and most importantly the PC of the user. The data, the password, and any threat to any of them are wholly the responsibility of the client and hence, the confidentiality of the information has to ultimately be retained by the person himself/herself.

·        Termination: If in any case, the Melete Hub Private Limited finds that you are willing to abide by the terms and conditions, and then the whole agreement can be terminated.  In such cases, you will not be subjected to the prejudice of any other rights. The client is expected to destroy all the copies of the agreement or services and products which claimed the right of the client to access the products. This is denoted in this section.

·        Compensation: This is an agreement that is made to keep peace with Melete Hub Private Limited. Under this term, you agree not to hold any harmful intentions against Melete Hub Private Limited and its former or present successors, directors, officers, agents, etc. You will not have to bear any revengeful against any claim, loss, damage, penalty, or any sort of consequence that intentionally or accidentally takes place. You will not have any grudge against any sort of fees that you are subjected to which might also include attorney fees.